Ed Viesturs, Mountain Guide, RMI Expeditions

Ed made the first of his 187 summit trips up Mount Rainier, while he was studying at the University of Washington, during the winter of 1978. Most of his other ascents have been made while working for Rainier Mountaineering, Inc.

Ed has repeatedly proven himself as America's leading high-altitude mountaineer, having ascended many of the world's most challenging peaks, many of those without the aid of supplemental oxygen. He has made the summit of Mt. Everest seven times, most recently on May 19, 2009, with the RMI/First Ascent Team. Ed also became the first American and one of only five people to climb the highest peaks on all six continents, yet again without supplemental oxygen.

His latest quest is to climb all fourteen of the world's highest mountains with elevations over 8,000 meters without the use of supplemental oxygen. On May 12, 2005, he successfully completed his quest when he stood on the top of Annapurna. Only nine others have done so, seven of them forgoing oxygen. Ed is the first American to top all fourteen. Ed is a member of the Whittaker Mountaineering guide team. View Ed Viesturs' gear suggestions on the Whittaker Mountaineering website.

  • 213 ascents of Mt. Rainier, Washington (14,410’)
  • 3 ascents of Mt. McKinley, Alaska (20,320’)
  • 11 expeditions to Mt. Everest (29,035’) with 7 successful ascents
  • Successful ascents of all fourteen 8,000 meter peaks without supplemental oxygen
  • 2 ascents of Ecuador’s Volcanoes: Chimborazo (20,561’) and Cotopaxi (19,348’)
  • 5 ascents of Mexico’s Volcanoes: Orizaba (18,701’) and Popocatepetl (17,802’)
  • 1 ascent of Vinson Massif, Antarctica (16,067’)
  • 2 ascents of Peak Lenin, Russian Pamirs (23,406’)
  • 2 ascents of Aconcagua, Argentina (22,841’)
  • 1 ascent of Mt. Elbrus, Russia (18,510’)
  • 1 ascent of Mt. Cook, New Zealand (12,316’)
  • Numerous ascents of major Pacific Northwest Peaks

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